3 Brands That Slayed Their Social Media in 2016

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House of CB


Social media on fleek – A million followers on Instagram is just one of the many milestones House of CB has accumulated this year! From A List celebs including Beyonce, the Kardashian clan, Victoria Secret models and influencers, House of CB have really slayed the red carpet and social media in 2016

Staying on trend is vital especially for a fashion forward brand on social media. House of CB have managed to remain trendy through 2016 with the help of their Boomerang images, holiday deals and most recently their store opening mannequin challenges



House of CB have really figured out where their audience lives online and has focused each platform on one primary aspect e.g. their Instagram page is very much aesthetic pleasing therefore helping to sell their designs, their Facebook page is where you’ll find all their latest updates and key pieces and their Twitter page is where they share customer thoughts and feedback.

So what can you learn from the fashion forward brand that is House of CB?

  • Interact and engage! With such a large amount of followers you may think ‘How do they have time to connect with customers?’, well House of CB may not be able to reply back to every single tweet they receive, but they have gone the extra mile by ReTweeting customers and building an online rapport
  • Branding is essential! If you scroll through the House of CB Instagram feed, you’ll see one common factor – branding. They may not have their logo plastered on every post, but the colour palette and continuity is what has really helped to set House of CB apart


Lidl have been full of #LidlSuprises this year! With their most recent Twitter campaign allowing shoppers to vote on their Christmas food prices
 and their personalised GIF Twitter interactions/replies, there’s really no surprise that they’ve become the #1 European Food retailer on Facebook.

Lidl have really paved the way for supermarkets on social media this year with their imaginative copy, cooking recipes and tips as well as their ‘Friday Food Hack’ videos.

Along with the help of a few holiday related competitions and behind the scenes clips, Lidl has demonstrated that they’re all about putting their customers at the forefront and always have them in mind.

They’ve got their customer service down to a T, but what other Lidl things can you learn from their campaign this year? We share a few below:

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks with your copy. You may think it’s too cheesy for your brand to use a play on words, but what about your target audience? They may like cheese (no pun intended). Witty and original copy showcases that not only does your business have an imagination but also a sense of humour
  • Imagery is key in 2016! Lidl really honed in on their imagery this year with the use of GIFs and videos used across all their social media platforms – some may say they made it look like a piece of cake. What really helped them to stand out was the simplicity of it all – you don’t need a fancy backdrop and branding – sometimes just a clean background and good lighting will do just the trick



Hillary Clinton


She may not have won the US elections, but she definitely won on the social media front! Hillary’s #ImWithHer campaign really took off throughout the year with her Trump clapbacks and her take on the mannequin challenge, which was posted on the day of the election.

Hillary’s team used witty copy to grow her voice on the internet and also helped her gain over 500k ReTweets from one tweet.



Not only did Hillary’s team add some humour and personality to her campaign but they also managed to keep it professional and channel Hillary’s message

Unlike her opponent, Clinton didn’t single handedly rely on Twitter to get her voice heard – she was also active across various social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Quora.

What can you take away from Hillary’s campaign?

  • Keep it consistent – Hillary’s team used one hashtag #ImWithHer and ran with it. Not only did this help with brand awareness but also built and brought together an online community of those voting for her
  • Make your copy short and snappy – Long winded captions aren’t for everybody, Hillary’s team kept all her tweets, posts and captions precise and concise ensuring that her message was not only direct but also got across and in under 140 characters across all platforms!


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