From model to Boom Cycle co-founder – Meet Hilary Rowland

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Meet Hilary, co-founder of indoor cycling studio Boom Cycle, we caught up with her to discuss being a #GIRLBOSS and her advice for young entrepreneurs:


What inspired you to start Boom Cycle?

When I first moved to London in 2004 I was already obsessed with indoor cycling and there was not a lot on offer. Not getting my fix was killing me. This is when I had the idea to create a place you could go for awesome bike rides every time, offered conveniently. When Robert (my husband and business partner) started thinking about what we wanted it to be like, we decided we wanted to change the way people interacted with fitness. We wanted to make fitness fun; something you looked forward to every day.

Boom Cycle boomed onto the scene 6 years ago, what’s been the most challenging thing you have had to overcome?

I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one thing, but the most important lesson learned is that no matter what, all kinds of things will go wrong and there are challenges around every corner, but if you have a clear vision that you stick to and persevere, you can make it through almost anything.

You also serve as the Creative Director of Boom, what does that entail?

As Co-founder and Creative Director of Boom Cycle, I have a hand in almost everything that happens in the business in one way or another. I am keeper of the brand, manage the sales and marketing team, I input on strategy and content, proof press releases and weigh in on the look and materials of all our new studio locations we build. I am part of the team that goes out to pitch for investment when it’s needed. I represent BOOM Cycle at events, press interviews, in contributing articles, in imagery and as a public speaker. I am in charge of the product which is the experience we sell. I created the ride format and update it when we need to make moves as the market changes and make sure it’s correctly communicated to our community, the press and anyone else. I’m also an instructor.

As the OG of spinning in London how do you stay ahead of new competition?

I don’t believe it’s about ‘staying ahead’ of anyone. It’s more about focusing on doing the thing that we do excellently and not wavering in our vision. So many companies open and think it’s simple to offer this kind of experience – you just throw some bikes in a room and go, right? Wrong. Every aspect of what we offer from the design of the website to how you feel when you walk in the door to the ride itself and beyond is deeply considered.

You started out as a model, how hard was it to transition into a business owner – did you have to learn new business skills or did you focus on your existing strengths?

Let’s say making that transition from being a fashion model to running a business was both uncomfortable and life changing. I had to use everything I had – existing skills, blood, sweat and tears, elbow grease and I still learn an astonishing amount weekly if not daily…

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Plan the vision and execution for your idea over and over and over again and once you finally get to a good place – stick to your vision, but be ready to change the plan as needed.

Apart from your killer abs what’s the most rewarding aspect of spinning and working out as a whole?

The best part of Boom Cycling and any other workout for me – even above the abs – is mental clarity and endorphins. I love endorphins.

What would you recommend for busy people who want to get fit and healthy but just don’t have enough time?

Firstly, make time. You have to take care of you so that you can take care of everyone/everything else. Secondly, choose a quick and efficient HIIT workout – Boom Cycle, Insanity, Boxx Method, Sweat with Kayla or lift weights a few times a week.

What’s next for Boom Cycle?

Get the next two locations (Battersea and Hammersmith) rocking and go find some more to build!

The classes at Boom Cycle are known for being a mini spinning rave, what’s currently on your playlist?

We change our playlists for every ride, but some of my current faves are Fester Skank-Lethal Bizzle, Diztortion and Bring me to Life-MK, Milly Pye


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Hilary for joining us for this interview.

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