Conna Walker

Conna Walker

Founder of House Of CB

#BehindTheGram with Conna Walker

As part of our #BehindTheGram series, last year we ran a webinar with Conna Walker, founder of House Of CB. I first met Conna back in 2013 when I booked her as a speaker for a project I was working on with Virgin Media to inspire young entrepreneurs, among the esteemed panel Conna definitely stood out, she was smart, savvy and although she may have been the youngest, there was no question that this girl knew her stuff way beyond her years leaving the audience with fresh insights and perspectives of what it takes to start a fashion business and make it global!

So when we decided to start #BehindTheGram I took the opportunity to reach out to Conna to discuss her ever growing brand House Of CB and how she has utilized Social Media to grow her business more particularly Instagram which is their fastest growing platform.