Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Beyoncé

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With over half a million tweets made in just 45 mins and owning the most liked photo on Instagram, I think it’s fair to say Beyoncé is in formation and really is the Queen Bey of Social Media. We share Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Beyoncé:


    1. Video Phone
      Imagery is everything, get someone on your team who knows how to take photos/videos that will capture your brand in it’s best light. If you can’t bag yourself a professional, photo filters and working on those angles will really help you out
    2. Countdown
      Don’t just post for the sake of posting, time them so that it ties in with your upcoming event/news – Just like Bey did with her tour announcement following her Super Bowl performance or her tweet announcing her album Lemonade and her pregnancy announcement ahead of her Grammy performance
    3. Flawless
      Be true to who you are! Regardless of the pressure to tweet/ReTweet trending topics to be a part of the conversation, if it doesn’t fit in with your brand’s tone of voice, then it’s okay to keep scrolling (To the left, to the left). Find your own style and create content out of who you are
    4. Listen
      We all love a bit of Yonce or Sasha Fierce, so give your audience what they want. Analyze your best performing posts on each of your platforms and figure out what type of posts gain the most engagement. Then simply, test your findings. Once you know what makes your audience tick, you’re ready to SLAY
    5. Survivor
      Dream it, work hard and grind until you own it! Don’t be discouraged if your posts don’t gain as many likes or comments as you’d hope for, or if your followers are a big stagnant. Figuring out your perfect social media strategy can take some time – Remember Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day!


Now that we’ve got the serious stuff out the way, here’s our top 5 reactions to #BeyTwins – Just for LOL’s..


  1. Move over #SaltBae…

    Twin Bey ???? ??????

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  2. The Arthur inspired memes

    Funny of the day… #blueivy #beytwins #idontblameher #onlychildproblems

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  3. Inner Kermit

    I AM CRYING! ? #Beyoncé #beytwins

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  4. Ellen just being Ellen



  5. #BeyTwice


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